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Peg Doll stamps

You and your little can play old timey type setter with these adorable and easy letter stamps. These are perfect for playing with clay or used to inscribe their name on crafts you want to keep or gift (hello salt dough ornaments!)

The supplies for this project are very basic. I used 2 3/8 inch unfinished peg dolls and metal slide charms used for making bracelets. I used a wax finish on the peg dolls to help protect them and give them a more polished look, but this step is optional. You can use any kind of peg doll or charm that you like. I've seen everything from animals to vehicles to Christmas shapes and more. I have put together a list of everything you need, plus some suggestions for fun alternatives and even a little tray that holds the stamps perfectly.



Apply The Wax Finish

This is an optional step, but I like it to give the stamps a little shine and durability. You simply wipe on beeswax or tung oil with a cloth, let it soak in for about 20 minutes and then wipe any excess off. You may need to follow any directions on the specific bottle you get, but it's usually just that simple. I look for food grade finish, but since that's fairly hard to find, food safe works too. That way it's nice and safe for littles, plus you can use the oil on your cutting boards and furniture too!



Glue Charms To The Front

I look for packages of charms that have duplicates, so I can put one on the face of the stamp as well as the bottom. It's not necessary, but it makes finding the shape you're looking for easier. All you need to do is put a little hot glue or super glue on the back of the charm and hold it in place on the face of the peg doll until it sets just enough to hold on its own. It will continue to dry and harden beyond that.



Glue Charms To The Bottom

In this step you just need to make sure your charms are facing the correct way to make the impression in the clay you want. For letters, I hold the letter so it looks correct (just like the letter you put on the front) and put the glue right on top of its face.

Then tip it upside down to glue it onto the bottom of the peg doll. That way your letters are bottom to bottom, a mirror image of each other.


Now when you stamp into clay, you hold the letter on the front facing you while you stamp and the impression you make will be right side up.

It's as simple as that! Now you have a lovely addition to your toy or craft collection and a really fun way to personalize keepsakes. If you give it a try I would love to see a pic with #harpandarrowdiy


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