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easy Applique Banner

This project is a quick and easy one! I think it's such a simple way to add a little vintage style to a playroom or nursery. You could use whatever words you like. I like to use a chunky font to make it bold and playful.



Cut your banner to size - I used a scrap of canvas as my backing because it's neutral and sturdy and contributes to that vintage style I was going for. You can use any fabric you like though. I'm always a fan of using scraps for fun little projects like this.

To make things symmetrical fold your fabric in half and cut the shape of one side of the banner with your fold as the middle. I'm sure you remember this move from your elementary school days! The size is entirely up to you. My banner is around 8x10.


Hem the edges - I make things really easy by using my iron on adhesive paper for this step (I use Heatbond). You can find it at any craft store or amazon for a few dollars. Simply cut strips that fit the side and bottom edges of your banner. It's best to follow the instructions on the package, but basically you lay the adhesive side down on the edge and hold a medium heat iron on it for a few seconds. Once it's adhered, remove the paper lining, fold the edge down and hold the iron on it for a few seconds again. Now when you turn your banner over you should have a nice clean edge on both side and bottom edges. Repeat this process on the top edge leaving a good 1/4 - 1/2" of space for a dowel or string.


Cut and adhere the words - To do this I used those sheets of felt you can get at any craft store for less than 50 cents a piece. I personally like the look of them and I love that you can get a small amount and use the leftover for endless crafts and activities.

Take a strip of adhesive paper and adhere it to the felt with your iron. Now, felt side up, lay your printed letters on top of the felt as your guide and cut them out. You now have cute little felt letters with an adhesive backing. Remove the paper backing, place them exactly where you want them on the banner and iron them in place. Be careful to just press straight down without moving the iron at all. Also, learn from my mistakes - if your iron is too hot you will melt those little sheets of felt! Medium heat with no steam does just fine.


Insert a hanger - The easiest way to handle this part is to just feed a string straight through your top flap, tie it off and pull the knot inside to hide it. You can make the string as long or short as you prefer, but an easy rule of thumb is to make it just barely more than double the width of your banner. This alone is enough if you have a sturdy fabric as your banner, but for more stability it's best to add a dowel. I use the little 1/8" dowels from craft stores. It actually doesn't even need to be as long as the banner if you insert the string like I mentioned before, the dowel can just serve as support in the middle. Or you can go for a more classic look and have the dowel extend past the edges of the banner and tie your string onto the ends. I'm a fan of using what I have, so whatever is easiest with whats on hand is usually the option I go for.

I hope you enjoy your quick and easy vintage pennant banner! We'd love to see anything you try with #harpandarrowdiy



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